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Matt at PorthcurnoMatt Smith has a rare talent for extracting the delicate beauty found in everyday scenes through his love of Polaroid photography.

Fascinated by the beach surf culture which surrounds him in his native North Cornwall, Matt’s considered yet unintentionally poetic compositions celebrate the simplicity and romanticism of three great loves; surf culture, friend/family life and exploration. Self-taught but with a passion which belies the calming scenes he captures on film, Matt has been shooting Polaroid and instant photographs for over a decade. Specialising in expired film and using an impressive armoury of vintage cameras he has collected over the years, Matt’s talent lies in capturing beautifully subtle moments in time.
Pryme Magazine 2017 Journal cover
Working with a polaroid camera and vintage film presents its own challenges, but Matt champions the medium and skilfully demonstrates the unique way instant film can translate a story when guided by an unerring eye such as his. Matt has travelled through the USA, Australia, Central America, The Maldives and Europe with just a backpack stuffed with heavy cameras and packs of rare instant film to bring about his Places portfolio. He not only loves picture-making and breathing new life into a near-extinct photography medium, but Matt has also converted several cameras into alternative film formats so that they too can be resurrected and assist him in his quest for that perfect image.
If you would like to know more about any of the images, would like to order a print/commission, or would like to feature Matt and his images in a press feature please do get in touch, he’d love to hear from you.

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In 2018 I had the chance to make a short film about my work with my good friend Adam Bell, also a keen polaroid shooter. 

The film has been shown at the following film festivals and competitions: